Live-In Caregiversvs. Residential Care

As time goes on things get harder and for some, movement around the house gets harder and harder. As we age our bodies can be difficult to move around including taking care of ourselves or anything around us but we’d love to maintain and keep our independence. After all the struggling and pushing through the tough times to keep things nice. You finally realize I need help. Now that you know you need help, what kind of help do you need and how do you get it?

What kind of care is there?

There are two different types of care for those who need it. There is live in home care, and there is the residential care. Live in home care is a caregiver that lives under your roof and from when you wake up to when you go to bed, there will be someone to assist you. Then there isresidential care. Residential care you move to live in a facility with others who need care but all your needs are taken care of, and you have your space.

Benefits of Live-in care

There are many benefits to having a live-incaregiver. First and the most appealing is that you can stay at your own house.  The caregivers come to you, sometimes they are living under the same roof, or they have around the clock caregivers who don’t live under your roof.  Another good reason is that you get one-on-one care with your caregivers. You can keep your pets with you, and you have control over meals and what time meals are ready.

Benefits of Residential care

There are some good benefits for residential care also. You have your individual space, and the rest of the place is cleaned and maintained by staff. As these are communities, you get much more social interaction and events you can attend without having to plan them yourself or exhausting your energy. In some facilities, you have immediate access to doctors and medical care, as they have them on-call and on staff. If you don’t care for planning meals, meals are planned and prepared by the staff, all you have to do is be on time!

Never easy

When we get to an age or a point in time where we can no longer take care of ourselves, the realization that we need help is never an easy one. It can sometimes be depressing, or overwhelming. But please understand, it is okay to ask for help, and it is okay to receive help. There is no one out there who doesn’t need someone’s help. When you are ready to get the help you need, don’t be afraid to ask for it.

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